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PDC Latvia 2022

May and August 2022 (72 h) PDC course in English

The PDC course development continues in Latvia. In 2015 and 2017 Norwegian and Swiss trainers have held three PDC courses in Latvia. Since 2021 Latvian Permaculture Association with Diploma holder Thomas Krueger started organising PDC courses. In 2022 two courses are planned – in Latvian and English.

Our course is very practical and we are out in nature as much as possible. That is well regarded in the 2017 course feedback video. The fundamentals and theoretical knowledge is covered in the first days and other shorter moments throughout the program. We emphasize social permaculture or ‚People care‘ in several workshops through the course.

As experience from 2021 has reassured us, we will hold a two-part PDC course again next year – a week in May and August. The division in two has several advantages:

  • The participants are not away for a longer stretch from home, farm and family.

  • Practical work in spring can be examined in late summer and conclusions made.

  • The first practical exercises and learning experiences in the first week can be worked on within the individual projects over the summer and these can be discussed in late summer.

  • The absorption capacity of each individual decreases considerably after 7-8 days.

While there is the inconvencience of more travel for the participants further away, we think this is out-weighted by the advantages. The reactions of the participants on this format this year were also consistently positive.

Therefore the 2022 PDC course takes place in the following weeks:

1.05 – 8.05.2022.

21.08 – 28.08.2022.

The total costs for the 72-hour, two-week course, catering and lodging are only 500€.

The course is limited to a maximum of 20 participants so that adequate training can be guaranteed.

The reservation fee of 100€ in advance is necessary to reserve one of the coveted 20 places and that will be offset against the course fee. It is possible to pay for the course in settlements and must be paid in full by the end of the first course week, May 22, 2022.

As already mentioned, we will continue to make the course very practice-oriented in 2022. At the moment we cannot present a clear schedule for the individual days, but we would like to show the weekly schedule for the 2021 PDC. The content is likely to be very similar.

For the reservation or further questions please send an email to Thomaskrueger333 [at] gmx [dot] de ()



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