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mennessä | 28.07.2020 | Arkisto, Tapahtumat

Come and design with us!

On the 15th of August Lumia and Nick host a permaculture design camp at Beyond Buckthorns, our homestead in Pirkanmaa, Finland. Together with our participants we will explore what to do with 0,5 ha place of land that was previously used as a recreational spot and is now looking for a new direction.

Besides collectively designing, we also will have a small talkoot in the garden. And of course there will be a lot of time for chatting, discussion and exploring! Welcome, if you would like to try hands-on permaculture designing, learn more about permaculture in general, work and hang out with others – or just help us with this wonderful permaculture project called Beyond Buckthorns

Feel free to come for the day or stay overnight. We have 4 places for tents. Bring your own tent and food / beverages for the evening bbq and breakfast if you stay overnight. For the bbq we will provide garden veggies like salad and grilled zucchini  . On Saturday, a late soup lunch and coffee throughout the say will be served to keep everyones energy up!

The day starts at 11 am with coffee and getting to know each other, after which we’ll start with a site review and get onto business! A some point we’ll have lunch and the talkoot, and then continue with the designing. The barbeque and the sauna will be hot in the evening

If you have questions, just ask us!

Otherwise let us know that you are coming per email: perma [at] or via contact form.


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