Yhdistyksen tarkoitus

Vuonna 2016 perustettu Suomen permakulttuuriyhdistys edistää kestävää elämäntapaa ja yhteiskuntaa permakulttuurifilosofiaan pohjautuen. Yhdistys on poliittisesti ja uskonnollisesti sitoutumaton. Yhdistyksen tarkoituksena on:

● Edistää permakulttuurin tunnettavuutta Suomessa
● Koota tärkeää tietoa pohjoisiin olosuhteisiin soveltuvista permakulttuuriratkaisuista, ja tukea siten sen kehittämistä ja soveltamista
● Tiedottaa permakulttuuriin liittyvistä hankkeista ja koulutustapahtumista Suomessa
● Toimia osana kansainvälistä permakulttuuriverkostoa niin Pohjoismaissa kuin laajemmin

Yhdistyksen jäsenenä pääset mukaan oppimaan kestävää elämäntapaa, kohtaat samanhenkisiä ihmisiä ja tuet työtä permakulttuurin puolesta maassamme.

​Jokainen on tervetullut mukaan!

​​Yhdistyksen hallitus 2019-2020

Hallituksen jäsenet

Dominik Jais

Dominik Jais, chairman

Over the years I have met a variety of people who work on permaculture: from doctors to students and from CEO’s to artists. Permaculture has something to give to everyone. Sometimes it is more abstract, sometimes more concrete. I have finished my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2021 (advanced permaculture studies) and I also use permaculture principles and tools in my daily work as Creative Director at Chase & Snow and in the development of home-sized biogas plants. The fastest way to contact me is through the contact form on my own page (https://dominikjais.com/contact) or at the association's Slack workspace. 

Suvi Puttonen

Suvi Puttonen, secretary

Years ago I wrote to one of my job application: "I want to create spaces that enhance social and ecological sustainability". I am a sociologist, who is interested in systemic thinking and environmental sciences. I've also been enthustiastic about arts for all my life. Multidisciplinary permaculture seemed to connect all my interests and values so I got exited. For now I work at the university and try to apply permaculture principles to my life.

Pekka Ilmari Nikander

Pekka Ilmari Nikander

Pekka Ilmari is a seeker and seer, on the path, who has a position as a Professor of Practice at Aalto University in Helsinki. During the corona times, the universe sent him — on EU cost — to Ibiza to deeply learn the basic of permaculture. Now he ponders how to best apply for EU funding, especially Horizon Europe Soil Health and Food mission funding but also more widely EU Rural Action Plan flagship areas, to push permaculture thinking wider to agriculture throughout the Union.

In his old life, Pekka made a career in IT for over three decades, founding five companies (out of which one listed) and, as a researcher, gaining over 10000 Google Scholar citations and H-index of about 45. As he has been in the Internet far longer than Google, Google knows about his old life much more than would be desirable. In his new life, Ilmari ponders how to combine deep mystic spiritual understanding with a western scientific world view. As a whole, Pekka Ilmari tries to see how to best combine his engineer and spiritual sides to serve the society and especially those forces that genuinely regenerate Mother Earth.

Erkki Pöytäniemi

I have a MSc degree in Agronomy and have worked all my adult life in the organic movement and industry in Finland and internationally both in NGO’s and business. The last 25 years my main occupation has been in export and trade of organic products from several different manufacturing companies. That is where I still earn my money but I also consider it a part of bettering the world in that organic farming can only grow if it has demand and it makes economical sense for the farmers. After all the principles of organic (Health, Ecology, Fairness, and Care) as stated by Ifoam are largely the same as in permaculture. 

I became interested in permaculture because it offers a holistic toolbox for realising its underlying ethical principles (Earth care, People can and Fair share) and a sustainable way of existing in the world - not only for cultivation and land use but for all spheres of life. I did my PDC course in France at Le Ferme de Bec Hellouine in 2015. We have with my wife Marja Nuora developed our own permaculture and homesteading project at Iso-orvokkinitty site since 2014 and we are both currently working on our Permaculture Diplomas. We wish to develop Iso-orvokkiniitty into a LAND center. 

As a member of the board of the Finnish Permaculture Association I hope to develop and promote permaculture in Finland.

Anni Rainio


Lumia Huhdanpää-Jais

Lumia Huhdanpää-Jais

Hi there, I'm Lumia and so far I am taking care of the task of being the treasurer for the association. Permaculture fits my values ​​perfectly: the earth is taken care of and we care for each other as well. I practice permaculture on my home farm (www.beyondbuckthorns.com) and I am also very interested in applying its principles to other than land design!