DIY Biogas Workshop

mennessä | 14.01.2020 | Arkisto, Tapahtumat

Learn about DIY Biogas in the Nordic climate at Beyondbuckthorns in rural Pälkäne / Laitikkala.

Biogas has been used for decades in different countries and projects around the globe to produce gas for cooking or heating. Many permaculturists know it as the best tool when it comes to the first stage of black water purification. Other small farms use it to deal with animal manure. Homesteaders use it to turn food scraps into energy. And that is the magic: DIY biogas plants transform waste material into energy! It’s pretty fair to say that it is a tremendously valuable tool for every farm or homestead. And besides: it is absolutely safe.

On this course you will learn the basics of biogas theory: what it is, different kinds of digesters, how to handle and use the gas and a lot more. After lunch we get down to business and build an actual DIY, small-scale biogas plant! We will also get to know the biogas digester at the premises.

If you want to learn how to build a digester for yourself or are just interested in the matter and want to see what this biogas thing is all about – welcome to the course!

About the trainer:
Dominik Jais is biogas specialist and Permaculturist. He has learned about biogas from TH Culhane and built Biogas plant at different locations. Together with TH and Martin Funk he invented the Biogascentral IBC gas storage. He finished his Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2021.

BeyondBuckthorns is the name of the homestead he runs together with his wife Lumia. Read more about it at


Detailed course plan (subject to change):
* Welcome coffee and introduction
* Biogas Theory
* Lunch break (vegan)
* More Biogas Theory – Different systems
* ”Coffee & pulla” break
* Reverse-Engineer Solar CITIES IBC digester & storage system


We start at 10:00 o’clock and end latest at 17:00 o’clock

The costs for this course are 75 €.

Read more and sign up at
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Beyond Buckthorns
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