Introduction to Social Permaculture Workshop

mennessä | 29.12.2022 | Arkisto, Tapahtumat

Introduction to Social Permaculture Workshop

Introduction to Social Permaculture Workshop (ONLINE)

Date/Hour 8th January 2022, 11 AM – 3 PM (WET/Lisbon) (1-5 PM Helsinki)
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Topics under discussion:

  •     Principles and Ethics applied to community building
  •     Inclusive and Resilient Communities
  •     Communication Skills and Group Vision
  •     Social Consciousness (Self Potential)
  •     Permaculture and Feminism
  •     Living in the community: My own experience
  •     Fair Share
  •     Support Network
  •     Social Intervention

Price: 0-30 €

About Tania, the teacher:
Dynamic, resilient and passionate about simplicity, I transform myself daily following the patterns of nature. Living since 2020 in a small community in rural Finland, I’m constantly adding my contribution to creating more inclusive communities and bringing awareness to more sustainable life choices, through the use of Permaculture ethics and holistic practices. I’m a social interventionist with a focus on supporting women in situations of vulnerability.


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Tania Carvalho

11.12.2021 – 12:21