Lillklobb September Tour

mennessä | 08.09.2020 | Arkisto, Tapahtumat

Walking tour of Lillklobb. We’ll start on the east side of the hill looking at the future forest garden and then work our way into the market gardens. I’ll talk about the design of the site, the projects I have going on, some of the design challenges, crops, tools, etc.

The tour will last about one and a half hours (±30 minutes in the future forest garden area and ±1 hour in the market gardens).

This will be perhaps the last chance to see the site in 2020 with green on the trees!

Note: this is a general tour of the site, not a workshop or course. The tour is free, although I’ll provide a tip jar in case you don’t want to buy vegetables later in the day.

The tour is open for the first twenty-five (25) respondents to the ”ticket” form via Google Forms. Only fill out the form if you are actually going to attend.

(If demand is too high then I’ll try to organize another date in late September or early October for another tour as I’ll have your email)

Please arrive at least fifteen minutes early as public transport will not bring you to the property exactly at 15:00. This will also give you ample time to use the restroom before the tour starts.

After the tour I will sell some vegetables starting at about 17:00. Cash or bank transfer preferred.

Tuesday 8.09 Update: 15/25 spots are filled so far!

Lillklobb Permaculture
Nuijalantie 9
02630 Espoo

08.09.2020 – 15:51