online Nordic meeting 2021

mennessä | 11.01.2021 | Arkisto, Tapahtumat, Yhdistysasiat

Welcome to the Nordic meeting 5-7 Feb 2021!

Because of the corona pandemic the Nordic meeting this year will be held online on Zoom.
Participation is free and members of the Finnish Permaculture Association you can participate from home. No registration necessary. Zoom link is available for members in Slack

As usual the meeting will be divided into two parts: An open program for all the members of the Nordic permaculture associations, where the associations will present and answer questions about their work during the last year. This part of the program will happen during Friday the 5th of February, starting at 10 am and going until the afternoon around 17.00. If needed it may be extended until dinner time at approximately 18.00. There will also be an open space for members of the different associations to meet and talk with each other.

And the Nordic institute meetings, that is open only to the boards of the Nordic permaculture associations and the diploma holders. This part of the program will happen during Saturday the 6th of February,starting at 10 am and going until dinner time at 6 pm. If needed it may be extended to continue also after dinner on the 6th, and from morning until lunch on Sunday the 7th.


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