PermaPuheet vol.2 & Ihan Pihalla! – Kris de Decker – Low-tech/No-tech

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PermaPuheet vol.2 & Ihan Pihalla! - Kris de Decker - Low-tech/No-tech

In winter/spring 2022 the Finnish Permaculture Association is organising another series of online lectures and discussion sessions: PermaPuheet vol.2 and Ihan Pihalla!

PermaPuheet are lecture/presentation sessions and the Ihan Pihalla! -events are discussion and Q&A opportunities.

The series is free of charge for association members and all members receive a link to the lectures via email. Membership is worth it! Join now:

The next PermaPuhe lecture is about Low-Tech/No-Tech and the teacher is Kris de Decker. The lecture will be in English.

Kris is the creator and author of "Low-tech Magazine", a blog that is published in English, Dutch and Spanish. Low-tech Magazine refuses to assume that every problem has a high-tech solution. He is going to talk about his no- and low-tech approach and the solar powered website.

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